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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008-2009 Ontario Fishing Regulations

Looks like the MNR has changed the zoning for the New fishing rules / regulations. Lake St Francis has been put assigned zone 20, while the Raisin River is in Zone 18. With my boat in Lancaster, I'm right in between 2 zones that have new rules. The new rules reduce possession limits, stricter size slots, and reduced both winter and spring fishing seasons in some areas. I will also have to walk about 100 feet away from the water to empty my minnow bucket at the end of the day.
"Knowing is half the battle".

Here is some more information from the Ministry's F.A.Q. Page:

• Reduction of walleye catch and possession limits in the St.
Lawrence River – formerly Divisions 11 &12A
• A closed season for northern pike in the Lake St. Francis area of
the St. Lawrence River (formerly Division 12A)
• Increased size limit for muskellunge in the Lake St. Francis area of
the St. Lawrence River (formerly Division 12A)
• Establishment of a catch and possession limit for yellow perch in
Lake Ontario (formerly Division 8)
• Establishment of a limit on sunfish (consistent with the Province
wide initiative)
• Reduction in whitefish and channel catfish catch and possession
limits (consistent with the Province wide initiative).


pikeman said...

hey phil I would just have to say, you site is amazing for people that live in the montreal area, i love your site and i do not se why you shouldnt be a pro fisherman like on tv. My name is Dan i am 14 years old and I LIVE TO FISH
my email is

Freshwater Phil said...


Thank you for the comment, I'm glad to read that you enjoyed the web site.
I'm not quite sure the guys on TV have as much family time as I do, which is very important to us. Pro Tournament fisherman are also bound to very strict schedules and many hours away from home.
Don't let me discourage you, you still have plenty of time to fish before you have kids. Good luck.