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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quebec and Ontario border water fishing regulations

After doing some more research and contacting the MNR regarding the new 2008 zoning in effect in Ontario, here is what I found:

In waters that border Quebec and Ontario, I don't need 2 fishing licenses to fish, I can use either a Quebec or Ontario license.

In waters that border Quebec and Ontario I can pick and choose which rules to follow, i.e. the more lenient ones. For example, I can keep 6 walleye caught in Lake St Francis under Quebec rules, as opposed to 4 under Ontario rules.

When fishing Ontario waters that border 2 zones, I am bound to whatever zone I'm fishing in. However, for transport purposes, I can cross a "stricter" zone. For example, if I decided to keep a 39" inch musky (I don't think I would actually keep one that small) out of the Raisin river in zone 18, I can cross Lake St Francis (zone 20), which has a 40" minimum under Quebec rules, and a new 48" minimum under Ontario rules.

I confirmed all this over the phone with an MNR agent, I hope he knows what he's talking about...

I hope to start ice fishing by next week, I'll keep y'all posted.

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