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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Walleye fishing in Quebec and Ontario pickerel fishing

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Walleye are another extremely sought after species for many fishermen, partially due to their great taste and texture, although they don't fight to hard for their size. Walleye can be found in many rivers and lakes throughout Southern and Northern Quebec and Ontario. They will also bite year round, as they are primarily cold water fish, and often share feeding grounds with Northern Pike, Perch, and even smallmouth bass.

Most walleyes we catch are usually a "by-product" of Bass and Pike fishing, as they often share the same feeding areas. Pike and bass are simply more exciting to fish to target, as walleyes don't put up too much if a fight. I hope to dedicate a few days to walleye, just to have some more pictures for this page, maybe a couple shore lunches too...

Techniques: Walleye can be caught in a variety of ways, including fishing with live bait, lures, jigging or trolling. Use steel leaders to ensure they don't cut your line with their sharp teeth. Small to midsize minnows and worms are usually the most effective bait, jigs can be tipped with live bait or plastic worms. Walleye tend to stay deep in sunny weather, and come shallower in low light conditions such as clouds, rain, dusk and dawn. Try fishing under bridges on sunny days, they often school there too.

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