Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ice fishing for perch, walleye and pike close to Montreal

I was planning a trip to the Bay of Quinte for big walleyes, unfortunately it was cancelled by the hut operator as the weather got too warm and he had to pull his huts off the ice in order to avoid losing them. I opted to try a spot near off the South West side of Ile Perrot with a couple of friends. One of them has the full ice fishing gear from auger and spatula, to flag/ spring mounted tip ups rigged with double snells to fish a couple minnows at a time. We got out on the River about 11:00 AM upon which he immediately got to work drilling his holes and setting up his tip ups. I didn’t bother at first, I tried using ice fishing rods and a couple makeshift tip ups I currently have in “beta testing” for big pike. His mechanisms proved to be all that worked though, he ended up catching about 7-8 perch, a couple small walleyes and a Northern pike. Although I can say that I have never seen a system as effective as his, I’m not sure I have the patience to bother with all the work involved each time I head out. I prefer to enjoy fishing with as little work as possible, in contrast to about 1 hour to setup 10 rigs and another ½ hour to take them apart. All in all, it was a great ice fishing lesson for me, as I’m it’s not a sport that I’ve put much time or effort into in the past. To view the new Youtube footage of that trip, click:
Northern Pike Yellow Perch

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