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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ice fishing near Beauharnois / meeting a musky legend.

This winter seems like it will go on for ever with all the snow and cold March we are having. A nice sunny day, one of the last chances to ice fish for big Northerns, I headed out for a day with some friends, we “set up shop” near Beauharnois. This had to be the one of the worst outing I’ve seen to date, we had 1 bite on a frozen mackerel, they rest of the day was totally dead, despite fishing live minnows, worms, dead bait and lures on a variety of about 20 tip ups, brimbales and ice jigging rods. The bright side of the day was a visit from world famous musky guide Mike Lazarus. It’s the first time I met him, although I’ve heard and read about him before. He is a down to earth, nice guy, we chatted for about an hour or so, he’s got to be one of the most die hard fishermen I’ve ever met. Despite the fact that he specializes in guiding anglers for big muskies for a living, he still takes the time to fish a few times a week during the winter. He also did tip me off on an auger that Canadian Tire is selling at half price, I’m thinking of picking one up for next season, to get more freedom and access to fish anywhere / anytime. Equipped with a 9 inch blade, it should do the trick for the big pikes that I’m targeting, provided they co-operate.


Anonymous said...

I know Mike Lazarus and used to fish steelhead on the Niagara with him and his friends (like Mark Krupa) many years ago. Like you said Mike is a diehard fisherman, and really great at it too. He is also very down to earth and really cool to fish with.
Mike is not only a living legend for Muskie but also an awesome Steeheader and Atlantic Salmon and Tarpon guru, and the list goes on.


Freshwater Phil said...

As you said, the list goes on, that kind of sums him up.