Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring ice fishing for pike around Montreal

With the end of the ice fishing season coming up on us, I wanted to get out before April 1st to target some more pike. We headed out to the St Lawrence River just off Ile Perrot for a short day on the water. We fished a shallow bay using the usual dead bait and some really nice 5 – 6 inch shiners Mike picked up the previous day. He had to trek all the way to the East end of the Island for them, as most outfitters around town are out of stock. The special effort was well worth it, as the shiners worked pretty well on the local pike population. We ended up catching 4 pike between 4 Lbs and 7 lbs, and missing another 3 than stole our bait. The dead bait might have helped to attract them, but all I got was one bite on a big mackerel, the fish lost interest after swimming right up to the live shiner, spitting the dead bait and hitting the shiner instead.

To view some of the footage I shot, click:

I also met Pro bass fishing guide Mark Currie, he was out fishing for perch and walleye not too far from where we were fishing. They kept him pretty busy, he couldn't get to his tip ups fast enough before the flags would spring up on the other ones. It looked quite funny from far, seeing him run from flag to flag, I think he got a pretty good work out.

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