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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mixed species fishing on St Francis in May

Although I was originally scheduled to go up North for some trophy landlocked salmon fishing, my plans changed due to the weather forcast of 3 straight days of rain in that area. Trolling in near freezing temperatures in the rain is not something I'm willing to put myself through, especially when I'm getting over a cold, unless big muskies are the target.

I headed back to Lake St Francis on the St Lawrence River for some more piking. The water temp has dropped back under 50 degrees, the outside temp was about 10 degrees celcius, winds close to 20 KM / hour.

Got to our first target area, figured out that the twitch, twitch, pause was what the pike were looking for after about 20 minutes, ended up catching 8 Northern pike between 5 - 7.5 lbs over the next 3 hours on a Rapala X rap and Smithwick Rogue.

Check out some of the pike action on Youtube,

Once the wind got to strong and the wave / current combination cancelled whatever effect out lures were having, we moved to the Raisin River for calmer conditions. Caught about a dozen bass, mainly smallmouth in the 2-3 lb range over the next couple hours, then started trolling worm harnesses for walleye. I hooked 1 walleye in the 20 inch range, unfortunately I lost it right next to the boat before we had a chance to net it. We also caught another 6-7 bullheads, they spoiled our walleye trolling once again.

Hope to do some local shore fishing tomorrow, I'll post the results when I return.

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