Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shore fishing and wading West of Montreal

With rain everywhere except Montreal, and the fact that I only had a few hours to spare, we headed to a spot I know on the Outaouais River / Lake of two mountains for some shore fishing. I brought a pair of waders along, as the water was extremely high last time I was there about 3 weeks ago. I was glad to se the water level has come down by more than 2 feet, many of the spots are accessible again. The current is still extremely strong, the waves were quite big on my regular spot, so we moved around quite a bit. I started off with a 2 lb smallmouth bass on a Rogue, all the fish we caught after were more bass on minnows and one baby pike, probably about 1 lb. The cold front must have shut down the big bass and channel cats that normally arrive there this time of the year, so the fish were generally smaller than anticipated.

On the way out as we were trekking back to the car, 2 conservation officers came out of the bushes, one obviously a rookie in training, he must have been about 20-25 years old, along with an elder, more experienced guy. They checked our fishing licenses, discussed fishing a bit with us, then we were on our way. Glad to see they are patrolling, the spot I fish is notorious for bass poachers, this is the second time I've been officially checked there in 2 years, I'm pretty sure I was staked out by undercover guys in the past too.

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