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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2nd attempt at musky fishing in the St Lawrence River

We headed out for a day of planned musky trolling in the St Lawrence seaway in Lake St Francis with the wind forecast down to 5 KM per hour. We packed some regular gear too, “just in case”, which turned out to be a wise decision as the East wind was slow but seady enough to make whitecaps on the water that’s running West to East. We decided to fish the Raisin River using Spro frogs until the wind died down. We caught a mid size bass right away, then started getting half hits from some big pike and more largemouth bass. They seemed to be protecting their territory more than feeding.

The wind eventually slowed up enough for us to attempt trolling the “big waters”, so we switched gear and made it out to the shipping channel / seaway. We trolled a variety of big musky lures such as believers, grandmas and Jakes, in addition to the huge 16 inch / 11 ounce Grunt lure, and a huge crankbait named “the cheap hooker”. Unfortunately, the water column is still choked with floating weeds, we couldn’t manage a clean run despite having our rods dipped into the water. Even the musky Jitterbug that I modified with the side hooks up on the back caught weeds on the rear hook.

Eventually, we gave up and headed back to the Raisin river as the air warmed, and the wind was non existent. We tried a variety of lures for another 2 hours or so, not even 1 hit.

Looks like my attempts at musky fishing will have to wait until I can launch on another body of water, maybe the Ottawa River. In the meanwhile, I will likely attempt some more drop shot fishing, as well as lure fishing for good ol' bass, pike and walleye.

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