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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teaching and old friend new tricks

As I've been neglecting one of my favorite species so far this season, I headed out for some carp fishing with an old friend that first gave me the idea of targeting carp in 2005.

We headed back to the first spot he took me to. Both of us have fished the area extensviely, but our techinques were quite different. He's old school, uses to a simple hook and sinker baited with canned corn, while I've experimented and evolved to hair rigs on sliding rigs baited with boilies.

First hit took about an hour, I landed an average 10+ lb carp. About 1/2 hour later, I hook into a big one, from the way it was pulling I'm guessing in the 20-25 lb range, possibly bigger. As it raced along the rocks in a drag busting run, it slashed my 50 lb Power Pro in the rocks, exactly at the same spot I lost a nice 30 lb carp last season. Pretty aggravating to lose 2 fish that size at the same spot, but that's fishing.

After about 3-4 hours of messing with some bullheads hitting his corn line, my buddy finally agrees to try a hair rig with boilie combination. Within 15 minutes, he lands his first carp of the season, about 15 lbs. About 3 minutes later, I hook up, end up landing a nice 18 lb carp.

Action slows down for another hour or so, suddenly we hit a doble header excatly at the same moment. As we both fight our fish, I'm wondering how I'm going to net 2 carp at once. Luckily, another angler fishing further down the bank saw us, and rushed over to help us out.

While my buddy landed his smaller 7-8 lb fish quite easily, mine was quite larger. It stubbornly refused to come close enough to get landed, I really had to tire it out. Finally got it in the net, ended up being the biggest of the day weighing in a 24 lbs.

By now, we'd been in the hot sun for over 5 hours, we decided to call it a day and stop off for a nice cold one on the way home, reminiscing about good times gone by hoping for more to come.

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