Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fishing pike on topwater lures

Jimmy invited me out for some more pike fishing, Tony joined us as well. With some customers lined up, practicing will ensure successful outings and repeat customers.

We headed out after noon, started fishing about 2:00 PM. A few nice hits in shallow water, small pike and bass landed. We motored down to some of the hot spots, but the water was a lot murkier after lots of rain. As pike are visual predators, the fishing was very tough. Spinnerbaits were the only fighting chance. I tied one on that had orange/red blades, it seemed to outperform the gold and silver they were using, just as Tony had said they would.

Eventually, we switched spots to look for clear water. When we found it, the fishing went from being extremely tough to "on fire". Both Jimmy and Tony started hooking up on their spinnerbaits, while I focused on fishing a topwater lure, using my beloved Zara Spook.

I attempted to fish the Zara Spook using a small leader, but found that the only way to retain some walk the dog action was to keep the rod tip high. It still was getting the side to side slow motion I wanted, so I took the leader off.

As the topwater bite turned on towards evening, the Zara spook got hit over and over again. The key was to work it extremely slowly. When the pike weren't chomping down on it, they were hitting it hard enough to send it flying in the air, which gave us all a good laugh (especially after a couple cold ones).

Eventually, my Zara spook ended up hooking the biggest pike of the outing, a good 6+ lbs.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to stay out that late until next season. With the kids back in school, the dinner / homework / bedtime routine is largely my responsibility.

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