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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Carping with my kids on Labor day

Took my kids carping for a few hours as they were all off school for labor day. Besides for my three younger boys aged 11, 10 and 6, I brought along my 3 year old daughter, as she started fishing this season and seems to enjoy it more even more than my boys do. A bit surprising, as  my older daughter doesn't want to know anything about fishing, despite me taken her out quite often when she was young. But they each have their own personalities...

We got a late start, started fishing about 1:00PM. Took the remnants of most of my my leftover boilie stash, got 4 flavors going at the same time, being that we were 5 people. The 5th rod would be for the younger ones to catch perch, gobies and any other small fish hitting on worms while we were waiting for the carp to bite.

I put my 11 year old Avi in charge of 2 rods, and against my better judgement, my 10 year old Levi in charge of the other 2 rods, while I got to helping my daughter cast and catch the small ones.

Levi can be a daydreamer at times, sure enough, I turned around to see my rod screaming. By the time I got to it, it was just being spooled, I was extremely lucky the it was planted firmly enough that the line snapped instead of me losing it. So much for Levi's vigilance...

After chewing him out, I respooled with some spare line I brought along, an new Superbraid from Seaguar named Kanzen. It's supposed to be extremely abrasion resistant, but after some testing against sharp rocks, it doesn't seem to be any better than the Sufix 832 I'm already using. Major difference is the price tag, about double that of the Sufix 832, probably triple that of Power Pro.

Shortly after, my 3 year old Chaya caught her first gobie, the first of about 35-40 gobies and a couple dozen perch:

Another half hour or so, Avi line goes off, I made no mistake in making sure it was hooked and giving him the line. Avi is very good at following directions when it comes to fighting fish, and he managed to land the nice carp:

Kids were getting hot, they went in the water to cool off. Again, I reminded Levi about keeping an eye on his rods. Sure enough, I turn around to see him in the water right in front of his rod, baitrunner screaming and the rod bouncing like a tree in a hurricane. All while he's playing with rocks... I got to it in time, set on the fish and made sure it was well hooked before handing him the line. Unfortunately, he lacks the experience that Avi has when it comes to fighting carp, and managed to lose it within 30 seconds or so, as he was doing his own thing instead of listening to instructions. Oh well, I guess he's got plenty of time to learn...

That was it for them being in charge of the rods, I reset 3 lines side by side, then took care of helping Chaya fish, all while the 3 boys hung out in the water playing around. My line eventually went off, I yelled for them to reel the other lines in as I had placed them close to each other to avoid any more issues. They got one line out on time, but the carp was running hard towards my other line and managed to tangle it. Still, I managed to land it, though it put up a spectacular fight, another nice carp:

The carping slowed down after that, boys wanted to leave, my daughter actually started crying that she wanted to stay until nightfall. Go figure, I guess she's got the fishing gene.

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