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Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shore fishing bass season opener

Decided to head out to shore fish the bass season opener, as I only had a few hours to fish. Had to do some serious trekking in flooded fields, infested with mosquitoes, bees, horse flies and ticks. Needless to say, I soaked myself in about 1/2 a can of Deepwoods Off! before going out, soaked my backpack as well.

Decided to try a spinnerbait to start off. Turned out to be a great choice, didn't need to change my lure all outing. Didn't take long to land my first few Largemouth bass of the season:

After landing 6 decent sized bass, I also landed a surprise bullhead that hit my spinnerbait:

Also found a duck's nest near the water's edge:

Due to the cold water temperature, I don't think the Largemouth bass have spawned yet, as I didn't noticed any signs of spawning such as irritated find or tails. If my assumption is right, it will be the time I can remember where bass spawn after bass season opens, and should make for some interesting shore fishing opportunities in the next couple weeks. Happy bass fishing!


MARCO said...

hope you released them so they have a chance to spawn

Freshwater Phil said...

Yes, I released them all, don't keep bass unless I'm fishing in pristine lakes up North.

scc33 said...

Hey where is your favorite bass fishing spot?

Freshwater Phil said...


That depends where you want to fish. If you're looking to catch bass around Montreal, I suggest you pick up a copy of my shore fishing guide available by clicking:

But my favorite spot is up North, at Mijocama outfitter, due to it's remote mountain/wilderness setting.If you have any questions about that place, just ask...