Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Good carp fishing this week

Headed out for a few more carp outings this week. The recent heat has warmed up the top 6-7 feet of the water to somewhere in the 75-80 degree (Fahrenheit) range, carp are on fire once you locate them.

Successfully tested some new boilie flavours (Anise/licorice, Curry/Ginger, XXX hot garlic), as well as a new 80 lbs mono shock leader, after having my 50 lbs mono shock leader cut twice on a nasty shoal infested with zebra mussels. All worked out quite well, here are a few pics:

A mixed double hear of carp and Channel catfish, first time that's ever happened:

 First mirror carp of the season:

Carp with a strange looking growth / tumor in it's mouth, actually hooked itself by the fin:

First lamprey in that area after hundreds (possibly thousands) of fish caught there.

Caught this minnow in my cap while cooling off in the water:

It's face was covered in small nodules:

All in all, another great week of fishing, ended up hooking 38 carp and 2 channel catfish. Summer is in full swing, enjoy it while it lasts!

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