Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring catfishing with Eli

After spending the day carping in the rain and wind, I headed out Eli that evening, as the weather calmed down and the sun came out. Eli had never fished for channel catfish yet, and has been waiting to do so for a while.

Big frozen minnows used as cutbait are the bait of choice for the bigger catfish, seem to outperform any other bait I've tried almost every time.

Got set up around 8:00 PM. Took about 20 minutes, we had our first fish on, but it quickly cut most of my line off along a rock shoal in the current.

Re-tied the line, got another hit within 3-4 minutes. This time, the fish was on, and I worked it out of the rocks, then handed the rod to Eli. Though Eli has fought carp in the past, catfish are significantly tougher for him, as the drag is set a lot tighter for catfish. He finally managed to bring in the fish, then handed me the rod as we wanted to net it as well. Fish weighed in at 14 lbs, Eli didn't want to try holding it.

Looks like the night function on my camera isn't the best...

Eli landed another 2 channel cats over the next hour, finally working up the courage to hold one for a picture.

Hope to head for some more catfishing next week.

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