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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Great bass opener at Mijocama outfitter

Just got back from a spectacular 5 days trip to Mijocama outfitter with 4 of my my kids. This is the 13th season in a row that we've done at least 1 trip to Mijocama, and early summer is typically the best time to go with kids, both fishing and weatherwise. My 6 year old daughter came along for the first time, and my oldest son couldn't make it due to final exams at Concordia, so 14 year old Avi got to be captain of his own boat for the first time as well.

Day 1:

We left a bit later than usual, due to the thunderstorm warnings for the area the previous night. As usual, they forecast was completely wrong, and it turned out to be a gorgeous day. Got started fishing shortly after noon. First target species were sunfish, which are easy to sight fish for in mid day sun. Both Eli and chaya wasted no time in finding and catching some.

We eventually made it to dock, got settled into the chalet, and decided to do some dock / shore fishing, which turned out to be quite productive. First cast landed a nice 2 lbs largemouth bass, followed by my biggest bass on that lake at exactly 5 lbs:

Can't think of a better way to start off a 5 day bass fishing trip than catching the lunker on the first couple casts!

We headed out for the evening bite, a couple hours later, Avi beat his personal best with a nice 4 lbs bass as well. I was hoping for a good topwater bite, but the fish were a bit deeper than usual with the cooler water, only managed to hook 1 bass on a Pop R, but Chaya lost it at boatside. Eli did a bit better, landing a gargantuan pumpkinseed sunfish that weight 1 lbs, as well as a chunky pike we kept for the table:

Day 2:

I was up and ready to fish before 5 AM, just in time for the sunrise on Giles lake:

About 1/2 hour later, my buddy Jimmy showed up to pick me up for "work":

Again, not much of a topwater bite besides for some big sunfish and another missed bass.

Later that day, I took Eli and Chaya sight fishing for some of the huge sunfish that are tons of fun to catch while sight fishing. Patrolling nests in shallow clear water makes them and easy target for my kids, our weapon of choice being micro jigs tipped with live worms. We caught about 8 or 9 in a row, the bigger ones weighing in over 1 lbs. True giants for pumpkinseed sunfish, the biggest I've seen in any lake to date:

Chaya also learned how to drive a boat, and took my trolling 101 course as well:

Avi (aka captain hook) did a good job for the second day in a row, hitting some of my hotspots on that lake:

The move paid off nicely for Levi, who landed his personal best to date on that lake at 3.75 lbs:

Day 3:

We all slept in due to heavy rain overnight an into the early hours of the morning. Weather eventually cleared up, and it was off to get my boat onto some good bass fishing. The bass didn't disappoint, Chaya landed her first 2 lbs bass:

Eli caught some nice ones too:

Jimmy came out for a short hour with me while the kids were playing. A bit of a downgrade from his 20 foot bass boat to fish out of my 15 foot wooden chaloupe with a small 5 HP motor, reminded us of our earlier years fishing together:

Unfortunately, he injured his knee shortly after and had to leave early, so that bass turned out to be his last of the trip.

Day 4:

A cold front moved in and bass went deep for the morning bite. Chaya managed to land one and lose another, while Eli landed his biggest of the trip at 3 lbs:

We ended up landing 8 more over 2 lbs that day, while Avi tied his personal best at Mijoama he had set a few days earlier at 4 lbs:

An evening thunderstorm forced us to head in early, but we got a nice rainbow for a sunset:

Day 5:

The morning bite brought us a couple surprise fish. 2 back to back pike, including Chaya's first:

Not much else that morning, but the afternoon brought some more nice bass, we landed a total of 6 more over 2 lbs, including Chaya's biggest at 3 lbs, she had a very tough fight bringing it in, but still managed to do a fine job:

That toothless smile tells it all...

Levi ended up with his beating his personal best as well with this 4 lbs bass:

The trip ended with another gorgeous Mijocama sunset:

All in all, another great trip to Mijocama outfitter. The weather and accomodations were great, bonfires, fireworks, BBQ's, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors in a pristine mountain setting.

The bass fishing was quite good too, we ended up with a total of 34 bass over 2 lbs, including 4 over 3 lbs, 2 at 4 lbs and my 5 lbs lunker. My brother joined us with his son for a couple days, they landed a 2 and 5 lbs bass as well, setting his new record for that lake. With 5 out of 6 of us breaking our lake records after a combined 20+ trips to Mijocama, I can safely say it was one of the best trips we've had there to date.

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Looks like a great place

Freshwater Phil said...

It definitely is!