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Friday, June 29, 2018

Mijocama fishing trip 2018

Summer finally arrived, kicked it off with our annual family trip to Mijocama to chase some big largemouth bass, and possibly land some northern pike as well. My brother joined us with his family, as well as a good 15 or so friends and acquaintances, we pretty much took up half of the entire camp with our group.

Having gone to Mijocama with my family for 16 years, often more than once, we pretty much have our fishing patterns and spots mapped out for early summer bass fishing.

Simple live worms still remain the most effective technique for both numbers and size, so my kids stick to good old fashioned bobber fishing, though we use popping corks to attract the bigger bass.

While I do resort to live worms with the kids on my boat, I save myself the last hour or so of daylight and dedicate it to fishing topwater lures. When I'm lucky enough, my kids are still asleep at the crack of dawn, so I'll sneak out and maybe get an hour of extra topwater lure fishing for bass.

Mijocama's big bass did not dissapoint this year. The action remained steady, my kids and I caught a decent amount on lunkers.

My 17 year old son Avi was captain of his boat, and brought along my 16 year old son Levi, along with my 14 year old nephew.

Avi landed most of the fish, so much for me trying to convince him to guide the younger ones when the bass fishing is this good.

Not to be outdone, Levi caught his fair share of big bass, including the 2 biggest bass of the trip at 4 and 4.75 lbs.

My nephew doesn't fish much, but he got in on the double header action with his cousins.

I had the 3 younger kids on my boat. We did manage our fair share of bass, and did quite well with the pike as well, which were biting a lot more than in the past few years.

Eli landed the biggest fish of the trip, a nice 3 foot long northern pike.

The topwater bite was quite good, I probably landed more bass and pike on the lure than any season before. Mainly smaller ones, but my kids took turns coming out with me and got to fight every fish I hooked.

Big sunfish were fun to catch, we targeted them by sight fishing them patrolling their nests.

The little ones got their boating practice.

We kept some of the smaller pike and bass for tasty shore lunches.

I couldn't have asked for a better trip, weather, fishing and company was great. We're already booked for next summer.

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