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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Trolling for walleye and pike

Finally got out out for another outing with my friend Mark today. We were hoping that the forecast sunshine would warm water up enough for a good walleye bite, but unfortunately, we had heavy cloud cover most of the day.

First bite of the day trolling, landed Zev his first ever walleye. Real beauty, what a way to start the day, and introduce him to this new species!

After that bite, we kept trolling various crankbaits. The pike took over, starting off with a double header for Ari and Zev.

Ari and Zev kept taking turns landing pike on the trolling rods, we ended up with a whopping 32 landed pike for the day, despite trying to locate walleyes much of the time. Here are a couple nice ones Ari Landed.

Later on in the day just before the end of our outing, Ari landed another nice walleye, his first of the season.

With a total of 32 pike, 3 walleyes, and a couple smallmouth bass that hit our trolling lines, this outing was the most productive of the 2019 so far.

As usual Mark had every running smoothly, and somehow managed not to lose his cool with my 7 year old Zev being an uber brat most of the day.

I highly recommend Mark as a guide, he is available for guided outings throughout the year. Contact Mark by clicking:

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Capt. Rick Marlin My Darlin said...

Nice catch Cap, having fun with the younger ones. Tight lines.