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Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bass fishing in Quebec and Ontario

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Bass are the most sought after game fish in North America. Largemouth bass are king in the Southern US, smallmouth are more popular in the North. In comparison, large mouth bass pull more, and small mouth bass tend to be hardier and jump more when hooked. The species can easily be identified using the following guidelines:

Largemouth bass:
Have their jaw extending a bit past the eye.
Are typically green, with a dark/black line bar covering the upper half of their body.

Smallmouth bass:
Have a smaller mouth, not extending past the eye.
Are usually more brown than green, and have more of a vertical coloration / stripe pattern the largemouth bass.

In side by side (same size) comparisons, large mouth bass have mouth openings 2-2.5 times the size of small mouth bass.

Stripers will usually hit most bait used to catch bass, typically shad or similar lures. Stripers can grow to 50+ Lbs so heavier gear is required to fish them. Tomy knowledge, They are virtually non-existent in Quebec and Ontario, but can be found along the Eastern seaboard, and in some Southern US reservoirs where they have been stocked, and adapted to the conditions.


Largemouth and smallmouth bass can easily be hooked using worms or live minnows, as well as a variety of lures. Larger fish are vulnerable during per-post spawn, when they can easily be hooked in under 5 feet of water, using any of these methods. As the water warms, bass tend to keep near structure, specifically logs or rocks near the shore. Use a bobber or jig for live bait rigs, or cast a top water or diving lure over structure to attract a fish to hit you lure.
Use a 6-15 LB gear line for Quebec or Ontario bass, or 15+ LB gear if you are fishing further south or for stripers, where bass can reach the 20LB+ range.

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