Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ontario and Quebec Northern Pike fishing

Northern Pike are extremely voracious feeders, and can be found in many rivers and lakes throughout Quebec and Ontario. They feed aggressively throughout the fall and winter, in comparison to other species such as largemouth or smallmouth bass that normally remain inactive in cold water. Northern pike have great appetites; it is not uncommon for a pike to attack bait that is half it's own size, as well as a variety of spoons, jigs, crankbaits and other lures. Canadian pike grow to trophy lengths, often more than 40 inches and 25lbs, and have a reputation for snapping light gear. Often called the freshwater shark, these toothy predators, are a favorite with my kids. They often share lakes with other game fish such as bass, walleye or lake trout.

Techniques: Always use steel leaders for Northern Pike, as losing a big one because you didn't have a leader can be extremely frustrating. These fish have many sharp teeth, than can easily snap the strongest of lines, so be warned. Use a pike rig "see my rigs page" or a standard leader with a live minnow for best results, don't be afraid to use the largest minnows available. A 25" Pike can easily take an 8"-10" minnow, make sure to hook your minnow through the upper lip, as pike will usually start eating "head first". Give the fish enough time to take the bait and start swallowing, then set the to hook. For sport fisherman using lures, casting or trolling red and white spoons are a classic for northern pike, as well as crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jigs.

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