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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carp fishing Long Sault in the rain

With a couple day of rain in the forecast, we decided to head out for some good, old fashioned carping. I say this because of the simplicity of our setup, just corn nibblets thread directly onto baitholder hooks, rods secure into the ground, no bells, bite alarms, pods, hair rigs or any of the fancy stuff.

We got out on the water about 10 AM or so, threw out some corn as chum, and sat down for the wait in the rain. Sure enough, as the rain picked up about noon, we started getting hits. My buddy went 2 out of 4, I went 3 out of 4. All fish were in the 12-15 lb range, the expected average for that area. The surprise of the day was a largemouth bass that took a corn line, it unfortunately ended up throat hooked and very likely will not survive even though we released it. We cut the day short to try a bit of carping at another spot, unfortunately they weren’t biting much there although I did see a few smaller ones surfacing a few times.

Check out some of the action on Youtube, click:

Good news is that the bullheads seemed to have moved out of my prime carp spot, we only caught one small one on the corn, so the worst is behind us. Our lines weren’t getting eaten off by the gobies yet either so we should still have a few weeks of decent carp fishing left until they start eaten our nibblets before the carp have a chance to get to them.

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