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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Big walleyes on wally diver

Warm front coming in with sunny skies, it was back to the boat for this one. With 25 degree temperature and not much wind predicted, sounded like the makings of a good day. By the time we hit the water a bit after 10 AM (after mandatory stop at the LCBO), the wind picked up from the East enough to send us into 2 foot waves that killed our pike fishing plans in the small boat.

OK, back to the Raisin River as usual, we decided to try casting lures before setting up the bobber lines. Turned out to be a great decision, I hooked a really nice 6 lb / 26 inch walleye within 10 minutes, great way to start the day.

We eventually got to sending the minnows out, the wind was wreaking havoc on a bobbers, we still managed to catch some big bass on them. With nothing else biting, we decided to cast again that afternoon as the weather warmed up and the win died down, I caught another walleye, a nice 20 inch male on the same wally diver as I used that morning.

I’m afraid to be one of those anglers stuck on any particular lure, but the wally diver has turned out to be the best walleye producer for us this season as far as both size and numbers go. As I love eating walleye, I kept them both, and also shot some footage of the filleting process. You can watch it by clicking:

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