Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter fishing withdrawal symptoms.

Part of living in the "true North strong and free" is putting up with extreme weather that affects my ability to fish. Here are some I noticed:

1) My tackle is in order for the first time since last April.

2) I start thinking about ice fishing

3) I convince myself that I'm going to catch big fish under the ice.

4) Any day warmer than -10 is "good" weather.

5) I keep ice fishing even though all I'm catching are bait sized fish.

6) I keep convincing myself that I'm going to catch bigger ones.

7) I find myself thinking of planning "business trips" to Florida and Mexico.

8) I content myself to spend more time watching others fish on Youtube.

9) I check the Bounty board at least 3 times a day.

10) Ever notice how many other Canadians are commenting on Bounty?

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