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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice fishing at Rigaud and Cap St Jaques

More cold fronts have kept me indoors more often than I want to be, but I managed another half day outing with a couple new fishing buddies. We were debating on whether to fish a new spot one of them found in the Cap St Jaques area, or Rigaud, both are on opposite ends of the Lake of two Mountains.

As the forcast was calling for a windchill of 15, we decided to go to Rigaud where we could pay to have the car on the ice and have holes drilled at 1.00 each (beats the 8" hand auger on 20 inches of ice). We picked up some small minnows and big shiners for the ice rods, and I brought along my pike lines tipped with frozen mackerel. Set up my lawn chair so I can jig, and did so for a couple hours until I caight a small perch. At least I didn't get skunked. That was all for the day, despite having 15 lines out. Som much for that place, I'm growing weary of these type of outfitters where the waters are extremely overfished.

We decided to leave early to try the Cap St Jaques spot. We got there and found about 8 pre drilled 10 inch holes that were fresh. As it was already late afternoon, I didn't bother setting up all the lines again, we simply jigged until dark, not a fish in sight.

Still haven't made it out to the spot I would like to try for carp under ice, the weather has been cold and windy and I simply haven't had that much time to get away for a full day. Kids are off schooll at the end of this week, wth my luck it looks like another cold front coming in...

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