Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, April 23, 2010

More shore fishing

Finally sold my boat. Looks like I'll be doing more shore fishing this season. I still have my 7.5 HP outboard, so I'll be able to rent boat in a couple locations around town whenever I get the urge.

I plan to get back into some carping, as I neglected that species ever since getting the boat. Hope to target some more channel cats and sturgeons too.

I also picked up neoprene stocking foot waders, and I'm considering taking up fly fishing as well.
I have a brand new fly rod/reel combo that I've never used, and one of my friends offered to show teach me how to fly fish. He's and excellent trout fisherman, so I'll possibly get into a (tasty) species that I haven't targeted yet.

I hope to have some new and exciting blog posts this season.

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