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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fishing pike season opener in Southern Ontario

After a long winter, it was nice to get out on Lake St Francis a couple days after Pike and Walleye opened in Ontario's zone 20.

As I just sold my boat, a tagged along as my fishing buddy launched his new boat for it's maiden voyage.

We headed to my first spot, some saw some nice pike and mid sized muskies basking in the sun. As our luck would have it, they were totally inactive, nothing we tried would get them to budge.

Off to our next spot, a bit shallower and the water more stained, sun coming out and temp heating up. So did the fishing. The pike started off hitting on spinnerbaits, and towards the evening, they were even hitting big topwaters! Talk about active fish...

As usual around this time of the year, the bass were sharing the hotspots with tons of bass, so we caught our fair share of those as well to say the least, some in the 4 lb range.

Day ended up with 12 pike landed and realeased, unfortunately they were all under 5 lbs. As my dad says, "Better than a slap with a dead fish".

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Joe's Outing said...

Sounds like you had a good time out on the water. I live in southern ontario, I cought my fist pike of the year the other day on husky jerk. Ckeck out my blog of the pike I cought.