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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching muskies from the shore in Montreal

With extended holidays over the past couple weeks, I haven't done much fishing. Finally got back into my regular schedule, and took advantage of sunny skies to bike down the the waterfront a chase muskies from the shore.

The cold water has killed off much of the dense weed cover, but dying weeds are still fouling up some of my presentations. Tried casting a Lucky Strike ol wooden plug as well as a Bomber Long A, both came back with some weeds more often than not. Water temp is a bit cold for topwaters, but despite the wind, I tried with the musky Jitterbug for in a couple shallower spots. Bucktail spinner didn't do much better, though the spinnerbaits came back clean on most casts.

Started of by hitting 2 of my spots, first one was where I saw a couple muskies follow my Musky Jitterbug a couple weeks ago. Nothing doing, not a fish in sight. Eventually found a new spot with less weed growth, was able to cast the diving lures and get a clean retrieve, but still no hits.

Decided to hit one more spot on my way home. Casted a variety of lures, still no hits. Finally decided to try something new, a home rigged contraption I've never tried before. Rigged up a 6 inch swim bait using a big jighead designed for fishing bass tubes. Attached two trebles with a thin wire to from a sort of double quick strike rig, put one of them in it's back, the other on it's belly.

I cast it out far, let it sink a bit and began the retrieve. Bang! Fish on, first cast too! Not the giant I had hoped for, the baby musky measured about 15 inches.

Regardless, I was thrilled to finally catch one from the shore intentionally, as most of the few other muskies I've caught from the shore were incidental while jigging.

The fact that it came on a new home made lure on one of my recently restarted biking outings, overshadowed the size of tiny musky. While a tiny musky isn't much to brag about, it means that there are spawning sized ones in the vicinity.

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