Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanksgiving day fishing outing

Kids were off school for thanksgiving, which put me on daddy duty again. As usual, fishing was the venue, especially with warm and sunny weather this late in the season.

Kids were split on whether to target bass or carp, so we decided to do fish carp for the first half of the day, then fish for bass the second half.

Set up 3 rods for carp, using a mix of store bought and home produced boilies of different sizes. Fishing was very slow, got one run after about 2 hours, fish snapped the line 50 lb Power Pro before I even had a chance to set the hook. As luck would have it,my new Sufix 832 arrived the next day. Carp haven't managed to snap the 65 lbs Sufix 832 yet, I plan to spool all my carp reels with it for next season.

We then hit our largemouth bass spot around 2:00 PM or so. Was hoping for a bass frenzy typical in mid October, but it seems that the water is still a bit too warm, probably need another week or 10 days until they really turn on. We still managed 8 largemouth bass ranging from 1 to 2 lbs, in about 2 hours of fishing. All of them hit spinnerbaits.

Kids were happy with the outing, and I taught them how to effectively fish a spinnerbait, as none of the other lures produced any hits.

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