Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer time carp fishing around Montreal

Though summer officially started in the 3rd week of June, the real heat only hit a few weeks later. With a couple of my multispecies fishing buddies away of the start of the summer, I've been sticking to carp fishing more than any other species, since returning from a 5 day bass fishing trip up North at the end of June.

Carp have settled into their post spawn summer patterns. My better spots are quite predictable on most days, holding large numbers of mid sized fish. More often than not, people that come carp fishing with me will opt to fish those areas, as they are looking to catch as many carp as possible. For those new to carp fishing, numbers are everything. Size doesn't matter too much for people used to targeting trout, bass or walleye, as even a small carp will dwarf the largest of those multi species.

Aside from immediate family, here are some more happy faces new to carp fishing:

As for my family and myself, we've been spending some time prospecting some other spots. Some are sporadic, others overgrown with weed cover, and others a bit more productive after dark.

Every now and then, I'll go back to an old spot that I know isn't too productive, and once in a while, we do get lucky:

My wife enjoyed our wedding anniversary outing, she got more gold than she could ask for:

The little ones got in on the action as well. Eli landed a couple mid sized carp, and his younger siblings were very thrilled to see fish that size, especially my 3 year old Zev:

Eli eventually ended up landing his biggest carp to date towards the end of August, I nice 24 lb fatty that wore him out:

Ronit beat her PB carp at the same spot the following morning, merely 14 hours after Eli broke his. This 27.5 lb carp put up a nice fight for her:

For those of us that enjoy still fishing, Montreal is located close to some of the best carp fishing in the country. Whether you prefer spending long days out in the sun, or getting out of the heat after dark, carp are ready to come and play at any hour.

I will be updating and adding pictures to this blog post through out the summer, and if you are interested in trying carp fishing, contact me by clicking here

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