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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Fishing rainbow trout near Montreal

After spending most of July fishing for carp, I decided to change things up a bit and took the kids up to Coin Lavigne outfitter, one of my favorite places to fish for stocked trout with the kids.

Coin Lavigne is conveniently located in a pristine mountain setting less than 150 KM North East of Montreal, about as close to Montreal as you'll get for rainbow trout fishing in a natural setting.

As I've never fished for trout in the mid summer heat, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Trout are a coldwater / coolwater species, so they tend to get quite lethargic in warmer water. On the other hand, Coin Lavigne stocks a couple thousand trout into their lakes every week during the summer, so the fish are plentiful, and the food supply somewhat scarce.

Upon arriving, the owner did mention that many were having a tough time catching fish, despite seeing clouds of them on the sonar, and even surfacing throughout the day. We hoped for the best, and after a short ride in the all terrain vehicle, we set up our boat and started fishing shortly after 9:00 AM.

There were 2 other boats on the small lake, and they seemed to be trolling a very limited section of the lake, so we had the rest of the lake to ourselves. We tried trolling worms harnesses, lures and spinners, to no avail. Casting was no better, and nor was vertical jigging. We were marking tons of trout suspended all over the small lake, but they were completely shut down, due to the extremely elevated water temperature, which was probably in the 80 F range.

After about an hour or so, I hooked up an old line someone had lost, which had a sort of home made gang troll. A couple spoons tied together with some hooks further down, including a Lucky Strike "Silver lake" flasher spoon.

When we eventually got closer to the other boats that seemed to be having a bit of success, we noticed that they were all trolling live worms a few feet behind the exact spoon I had fished out of the lake. As they headed off the lake and back to the main camp for lunch, we took their spot and started using the same technique.

Sure enough, the move paid off quickly, and Chaya had her first trout ever:

Eli followed up with a very respectable rainbow trout, his biggest to date:

We landed another couple average sized rainbow trout, and lost another nice big one when it jumped a few feet out of the water and spit the hook. Turned out that the Lucky Strike spon I fished out of the lake was the only line that produced any fish all day.

The bite died down for a while, young kids tend to get bored rather quickly when that happens. The electric motor's battery was starting to run low as well, as we had been trolling for over 6 hours. We headed home shortly after, and enjoyed a delicious trout dinner.

I hope to head to Pourvoirie Coin Lavigne again with the kids sometime in the fall, when the water cools and the trout are more active again. If the bite is even close to what it normally is under ice, they should be in for a treat.

If you are interested in easy fishing for trout in the clean waters of a pristine mountain setting, pourvoirie Coin Lavigne is the place to go. 

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