Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fishing cooling water in fall - October 2019

Not much to report of October 2019, as all the Jewish holidays fall out in October this year, which didn't leave much time for fishing.

On the few outings I did try either from shore or from my float tube, I was not able to get into any smallmouth nor largemouth bass, very rare for that to happen time of year. Not a musky to be seen, and only predator I managed to hook was a pike in the 5 lb range that ended up destroying the sure lock snap on my leader and swam off with my lure a couple feet from shore.

Bottom feeders were a bit better. I had some blank outings for carp, as well as a couple productive ones. Some nice fall colors on these carp, and was able to put my friend Warren onto his first few carp as well.

I did have one very successful outing for lake sturgeon with my friend Mark. Though the sturgeon were being finicky, both bites we got landed my 2 biggest lake sturgeon, effectively beating my PB twice during the outing. Couple redhorse in the 5 to 6 lbs range were landed as well.

Will likely be storing the float tube and most of my bass/pike fishing for November, and likely dedicate the most of the rest of the season to finding cold water spots for carp, barring and invites from some friends.

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