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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Fishing Summer to fall transition - September 2019

September 2019 turned out to be on the warm side, but sure enough, fall finally arrived late in the month. With the water cooling down a good 10 to 15 degrees F, fishing has been sort of inconsistent. Some outings were a lot better than average for both numbers and size, others were dismal, especially for bass.

Starting off with bottom feeders, we managed to land a good number of carp in the mid to upper twenties, mainly night fishing short outings after dark.

Carp weren't the only big bottom feeders that came to play. Eli landed his biggest channel cat of the season.

And his first encounter with a redhorse sucker.

I landed my first lake sturgeon of the season, fishing with my friend Mark.

Moving on to predators, I stuck to my season's topwater theme, and spent a good bit of time trying to land another topwater musky, mainly from my float tube. Though I wasn't able catch any, I did end up with a nice pike with a massive head that exploded on the big topwater musky lure I was casting (Topraider) from my float tube.

I did have better success with muskies while fishing for musky from my friend Mike's boat. In a short 4 hour outing, we managed to hook three muskies. I landed two of them, some really nice color patterns and markings on these St Lawrence river muskies.

The third (and biggest of the day) jumped clear out of the water three times before throwing the hook, I wasn't able to prevent the jumps from the hyper aggressive beast.

Bass were the least co-operative of my target species, I few missed hits from largemouth bass, but I did manage to land another largemouth bass on the Pop R from my float tube.

As well as a few smaller to mid size smallmouth bass fishing with my friend Mark.

With Rosh Hashana coming up and the high holidays all in October this year, I will be doing significantly less fishing than I've got accustomed to over this past summer. Still hope to get in a few good outings, and maybe some monster fish if I'm lucky enough.

Wishing everyone a Shana Tova!

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