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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, September 7, 2020

Late summer carp fishing - Montreal 2020

Much of 2020 has been one of my least productive seasons for carp fishing. After catching a couple decent carp early in spring, my top three carp fishing spots went all but dead. Very low water levels along with two straight months of sunny skies and high heat, combined to push weed growth to unprecedented levels at my best spots.

With not much interest from customers in carp outings, likely due to Covid fears, I simply took time off from carping for the first time in over a decade. I spent nearly 3 months chasing bass, pike, walleye and muskies. I was able to explore new areas both on foot and from my float tube, as well as spend three 5 day trips up North in June, July and August.

Finally, I ended up having a family to take out on a guided outing at the end of July. Carp fishing was much slower than I hoped for, but they still managed to land a few small carp.

I didn't bother going back to fish for carp again until the third week in August. That outing proved to be disastrous. For the first time ever since I started guiding, we went over 9 hours without a bite, at a location which is normally my top producing spot for good numbers of carp.

Having another outing booked for the following Sunday, I did not want to put customers through another slow day of fishing. With my top three spots being completely dead, I was forced to go a scout for new spots.

After a couple evenings of walking a few kilometers of shoreline while casting for muskies and bass, I finally came along some new spots that seemed to have potential for being able to both present bait to carp, as well as being able to land them. Shore access for multiple people, and nearby parking sealed the deal. 

To field test my first new spot, I brought along my youngest son. At 8 years old, he was ready to take on his new job as my net man, being that most of the carp in the area are simply too big for him to fight at this point. After losing a large carp there on my first try, I managed a couple good ones on my next outing there.

Gotta love when a newly scouted spot gives up some trophy sized carp!

With renewed confidence, I was ready to handle the group of customers at a spot I had never done any guiding at, and only fish for carp once before.

Though the bite wasn't what I would call amazing, we got some steady action from bigger carp. Alex, Alexandra, Ian and Georgia all landed their biggest carps that day. 

Alex also managed to land a fat 29 lb muddler, which up to this point, is the heaviest carp to hit my net this year.

With good success at my new spots, my passion for carp fishing was rekindled. Here are some more pics of the carp I have been getting into recently, hope to have more nice ones to add before the end of summer.

Looking forward to catching some more fat carp this fall.

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