Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

August carp frenzy in South Eastern Ontario

We headed out for some carping as it's been a while since I've gone after carp, and rain was in the forecast. We arrived about 10:30 AM, the weather was overcast drizzling on and off and extremely humid. The good news was carp were jumping everywhere. We tried various set ups with boilies throughout the day, but none worked. All that worked was corn niblets, when they weren't getting eaten off by those annoying gobies that have invaded my spot and are increasing in numbers every time I go there. I can actually see them cruising on the bottom, darting between rocks. I ended up hooking 10 carp, keeping eight for some acquaintances of mine that actually enjoy them I tried one, but the flesh is extremely fatty almost like Jelly and tastes very fishy. Anyway, I'm glad to see they've returned to my spot on the St Lawrence River, I'm hoping they'll stick around for another 4- 6 weeks.

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