Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fish With Freshwater Phil carping contest

Join the "fish with Freshwater Phil" contest for a chance to win 1 day of rod bending, drag peeling, tackle busting action, carp fishing with Freshwater Phil!

The lucky winner will have use of my carp fishing equipment, rigs and bait (or use their own), as we head out to South Eastern Ontario, to the shores of the world famous St Lawrence River / Long Sault region, one of the best carping areas in North America. Days of 10 + big carp are not uncommon, with fish reaching over 30 LBS, occasional 40 LB carps are caught every year.

Feel the power of these big suckers that dwarf most other fish caught in this area. I use light to medium action 7 foot rods (considered too light by many carpers), to enhance the feeling when fighting these "hogs". If you enjoy fighting big, strong fish, and have never tried carping yet or haven't had much success, you owe it to yourself!

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