Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Spawning perch in the Outaouais / Ottawa river

April 20, 2007 The first decent warm front has moved in to southern Quebec, which brings us to spawning Jumbo perch in the Outaouais River. I took "Pikeman" Avi along for this one, as at his age numbers beat size any day. We went out for half a day to my usual spot, set up the rod with 2 #8 worm hooks, got the rods into my custom built rod holder/foldable chair, and got started. The first cast landed a double hookup, the bottom perch a "jumbo" 10 inch perch filled with eggs, the top one a bit smaller. The next catch landed identical results, another double with a jumbo spawning perch on bottom. The days went on with mainly single hookups, although we hit one more double before leaving at about 2:00 PM to be rush hour. We ended up catching a total of 21 perch, 12 of them in the 10 inch range. All fish were live released as the perch season is still closed for another couple weeks. Pictures from the trip should be in the picture gallery shortly.

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