Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Northern pike that got away. Twice.

On a last minute / spur of the moment whim, a couple friends and I decided to do some ice fishing off Ile Perrot near Montreal for half a day, despite the brutal 60 KM + winds. It was the end of a warm front, the ice was covered in about 12 inches of heavy, wet slush. Not the best conditions, but when you’re properly equipped with a good pair of waterproof boots and snow pants, you can still have a good time. Additionally, we found a bunch of holes that were drilled the previous day, so we avoided lots of work and time wasted drilling new holes. My buddy set up 10 tip ups with 2 minnows each, I set up only 2 lines and my new home made “pike machines”, tipped with quick strikes rigs and frozen 6 inch sardines I picked up at the grocery store. Within half an hour I had a pike nibbling. I set the hook, brought him up to the hole and he came off just as I tried to get him through. It wasn’t a monster pike, maybe 4-5 lbs. About 20 minutes later, my friend’s tip up next to mine goes off, he hooks into the same pike, brings it up to the surface, just as he’s about to bring it through the hole, it cuts his 35 LB fluorocarbon leader and swims off with the hook in his mouth/throat. Needless to say, that was the last we saw of that pike.

The rest of the day was extremely slow, we did manage a small walleye and a couple perch, I posted the walleye footage to Youtube, the high winds don’t help the audio too much. To view the clip, click:

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