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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Showing people new fishing techniques

My Father in law and his brother were here for a visit, I took them out for a day on the water as both of them are occasional anglers that enjoy fishing. Coming from South Africa, they are used to carping, but their fishing culture is quite different from ours when it comes to game fishing such as bass.

With a cold front moving in, I figured the fishing would be slow, I decided to try a variety of tactics with them over about 8 hours or so. We started off by attempting to catch some big largemouth bass using drop shots rigs tipped with live suckers and drift fishing them in the St Lawrence seaway channel. We had a couple hits, both stole the bait.

We eventually decided to try the calmer waters of the Raisin River for some Largemouth action by hitting the weedlines with Spro frogs and some other weedless topwater lures. Again, the action was extremely slow, he managed about 5-6 hits from some smaller fish, none were aggressive enough to swallow the Spro frogs for a hookset. I eventually caught a largemouth bass on a Floating Rapala J11.

As the afternoon went on, we decided to try trolling worm harness in hope of some walleye. My father in law did manage a jumbo perch, but no walleye in sight. His brother managed some panfish off the marina docks just as we were ready to head home.

Overall, they had a great day on the water, the weather couldn't have been better. They learned new techniques they hadn't seen or tried before, and both will be heading home with a story to tell.


Anonymous said...

Just to send you a short note from sunny South Africa, especially to Thank Phil for one of the most wonderful days I have ever experienced when he took me and my Brother fishing on the St Lawrence river and the Raisen river.I havent stopped telling my colleagues about the expertize of Phil and the mighty St lawrence river.To all you Quebec folk you are really Blessed with the water you have, enjoy every minute. DR GLENN WOLFSON

Freshwater Phil said...

Thanks for your kind words, I just wished you guys could have hooked into some of the big fish you see pictured on my web site.

Regardless, I had a great time showing you a couple things that I've learned over the years. Hope to see you all back hear soon, May and June is when the fishing is at it's best around here.

Shana Tova, enjoy your summer.