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Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shopping for fishing lures at Le Baron

After waiting for weeks, Avi's gift certificates for Le Baron from the FPQ showed up in the mail, just in time for their boxing day sale. Promotion was that they pay the equivalent of both taxes, I also got a yearly Le Baron Membership for $25 that gives me 10% off all purchases for a full year.

We made it there for the opening, place was packed with people as expected. The gun and ammunitions dept. had a 1/2 hour to 1 hour wait just to get in, rest of the store was bustling too. They had all their staff on the floor, did a great job of keeping the flow going.

Avi was only interested in getting lures and a big tackle box to fit them all into, which obviously won't be coming on our outings with us, simply a lure staging box from which he'll be abe to fill up his smaller box.

Most lures he chose were the classics he's seen in my box, funny how he managed to select only lures that he's actually seen perform, with a few exceptions. He picked a nice assortment of Rapalas, which were his most popular choice, followed by and assortment Cotton Cordell divers and crankbaits. He then got a few minnow baits from the other companies, such as Rebel, Bomber, Daiwa, Yo Zuri, Storm, Spro and some mini Grandmas. Added some classic topwaters such as Jitterbugs, Pop Rs and Heddons.

When it came to spoons, he stuck with the classics, namely Eppinger / Dardevle and Williams Wabblers in assorted colors and sizes as well as some of the cheaper Blue Fox spoons.

He refused to get any spinners or spinner baits despite my trying to convince him to be a bit more daring, however he did pick up an assortment of the smaller Storm swim baits.

What I did notice was a steep markup on their prices all around, which they conveniently blamed on the recent spike in the US dollar, but with the combined 24% discounts we had, we saved about $150 on the sticker prices, we still have $60 in gift certificates remaining for another day.

I shot some footage of the outing, to view it

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