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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ice fishing for Northern pike, walleye and perch

With the days getting longer, weather warming up and spring on the way, we have about 1 month left to the ice fishing season in Quebec.

I went out for the afternoon with a couple fishing buddies, attempting to target some big pike again. The fact that these waters don't too many big pike didn't deter me, I set up 8 lines with 6-8 inch frozen mackerels, and kept on jigging rod going all afternoon.

The spot we were fishing was more of a walleye area, but as we were using my friend's auger and he was targeting walleyes, we didn't have much of a choice. The idea of cutting 15 hles through over 2 feet of solid ice by hand didn't thrill me, so I had to fish deeper than I would have liked to.

We ended up cathcing a small pike, and a bunch of jumbo perch over most of the afternoon. All were realeased as the pike was too small, and I'm not much of a perch fan. As evening rolled in, my buddies tip ups started getting walleye hits. He ended up catching a few, gave me 2 of them in the 14-16 inch range to take home for supper (Thanks again H, the kids loved them).

With March on the way and pike moving even shallower, I hope to attempt them again once or twice before the end of the hardwater season.


Anonymous said...

Where were you fishing? I went walleye and pike ice fishing at pointe des cascades last weekend. It was darn cold and we didn't catch a thing!!! Maybe I'm going in the wrong areas. What depth would you suggest?

Freshwater Phil said...

Pike are typicaly shallower than 6 feet, walleye in 12 feet or more, at least in my experience. Most walleye and pike in the Pointe Des Cascades area are pretty small around the pier area, don't know mush about the other parts of the park.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot phil, I guess I was too far from the pier. Good luck with the fishing. I enjoy your site, good job.

Freshwater Phil said...

That area isn't too good for ice fishing in general. I got skunked twice just up the road at "CR / Lotbiniere".

Funny enough, Lauzon (Ile Perrot) is right across the water, you can see his place from Pointe des cascades, the fishing is a lot better, especially for walleye but you have to really know your spots, GPS with lake maps is ESSENTIAL to ensure success.