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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fishing walleye downtown Montreal

A friend took me out to a new spot near downtown Montreal. The idea of catching lots of walleye within a few minutes drive sounded great. Unfortunately, I came unprepared to deal with the strong current at the spot we were fishing. Jigging was all that worked, but the largest jigs I had were 1/4 ounce. As they fluttered in the current, my buddy was slamming them with 1 OZ jigs. He ended up cathcing about a dozen walleye and saugers.

I tried casting a wally diver, managed a nice smallmouth bass in the 3 lb range. When I switched to a heavy sinker and worm setup, I manged to hook a couple sturgeons, landed a small one in the 7 lb range, my first ever.

Place started getting crowded around noon. What really pissed me off was the inconsiderate people that came to fish right next to me. When fishing a spot with current, it is ridiculous to try fishing next to others, especially when trying to still fish. Constant tangles are inevitable and ruin everyone's day.

I realize I don't own any particular spot, but I personally think it's extremely rude and against fishing etiquette to try and hog someone else's spot if they were there first.

The day left me with mixed feelings about the area. On the one hand, fishing is great. On the other, you have tons of inconsedirate idiots.

To make matters worse, jigging 1 OZ jigs in current with a rock bottom gets expensive. With jig heads at $1 a piece and power grubs at about $.50 each, losing 15 to 20 jigs makes for an expensive outing. Then again, it beats burning extra $$$ in gas.

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