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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye on Rapala CD-5

Headed back to my boat for some bass fishing now that the season is officially opened in Ontario. Many of the spots where they were hitting in the a few weeks ago are overgrown, so we switched tactics for the most part. My buddy alternated between topwaters and Senkos, while my son stuck with Topwaters. They combined for about 20 bass, all under 2 lbs.

I did a bit of topwater fishing, but stuck with a mini Rapala CD-5 coundown. Lure proved great in the clearer parst of the river, I managed 4 largemout bass as well as a 14 inch walleye and 3 lb pike and big bluegill on it in about 5 hours of fishing. I find find that it really matched the color and size of the shiners you see jumping on the surface when being chased.

The slop isn't thick enough to force us into using weedless Spro frogs yet, but I have a feeling that it will be withing the next 2 weeks. Also plan to hit the big smallies on calmer days on St Francis, possibly attempt some sight fishing using Senkos around the islands.


Unknown said...

You should really consider angling ethics, my friend. For european eyes the way how you handle your catch is disgusting. You have much more fish in canadian waters that`s one thing, but rules of modern angling ethics apply for fish anywhere, regardless how easy it is to catch the fish. Bleeding from under the gills, you cannot be serious with that. Not a good marketing for you, IMHO.

Freshwater Phil said...

The fish you see pictured were kept for some poor folk to eat, that is why I didn't bother with the catch and release handling.

When I do release carp, I tend to do "in water" releases, so I don't bother landing them them at all.

All in all, carp are hardier than most game species such as trout, walleye and bass. I personally find the European technique a bit exagerated, especially when carp here are considered a nuisance to most Canadians.

Still, your point is well taken. I understand your concern and appreciate your feedback.