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Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

More night time catfishing

Headed back for some more night fishing chasing channel cats last in the St Lawrence River (Lac St Louis) in Montreal week. First night, I took my 13 year old son Ari along, picked up some live minnows an set up shop a couple hours before dark.

Nothing much doing until 8:30 PM, when the fishing suddenly turned on. We started getting nibbles, then bite offs. My son hooked his first channel catfish a bit before 9:00 PM, ended up being a small 2.5 lbs.
About 1/2 hour later, he hooked a nice one, fought it all the way to shore, but it somehow spit the hook just as he was trying to get it up on the beach. Nice beast, was definitely a 10 lb + fish, too bad we couldn't get a picture. I got some bite offs, then the fishing died down at 10:00 PM. No bites until 11:00 PM, we headed home.

Returned the next evening with my son and a friend. Started at about 6:30. My buddy caught a nice 4 lb smallmouth bass that swallowed his minnow after about 1 hour of fishing. We waited for the catfish bite to turn on at dark, but it never did. We fished until 10:00 PM with maybe 1 nibble between 3 rods, so we called it a night and left early.

I think I'm going to wait until we have more of a moon beforetrying again, as the moon was non existent on both outings.

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