Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Canada boaters card / license exam

The deadline for all Canadian boaters that operate any type of motorized boats is finally here. Before September 15 2009, many fishermen and anglers were still covered by the exemption for personal watercrafts / boats over 4 meters in length.

Now, even boaters using an electric trolling motor must have a valid boaters card, otherwise known as the Pleasure Craft Operators Card (P.C.O.C). Boaters caught without it will face a stiff fine of $250 plus surcharges, which can amount to a total of $325 depending on the province.

I took my test online at , they offer the free study guide, and free re-tries for those that don't pass the exam the first time around. The site is endorsed by Bob Izumi, and if you click through to sign up for the test from my blog or web site, I'll actually earn a few bucks too.

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