Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fallfish in St Lawrence River near Montreal

Went out with my 14 year old son for a quick 3 hour afternoon fishing session, as I had a few hours to spare an he was still off from school.

After last week's success with the sturgeon, we decided to attempt it again, we set up our lines with worm balls on sliding sinkers.

First fish hit within 1/2 hour, my son took the rod and landed the first fallfish I've ever seen coming out of the St Lawrence River. I know that some of the waters connecting to the river from the Laurentians have them, I was very surprised at the catch. The fish measured 16 inches, might have weighed close to 2 lbs, far bigger than the average sized ones we've caught up North.

That was it for the bite, except for or worms getting eaten off every now and then.

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