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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fishing brown trout

As previously mentioned, I'm dedicating more time to shore fishing this season as I no longer have a boat. I've been wanting to break in my new waders, and finally got the chance yesterday, as I tried my first serious attempt at trout fishing.

The river we went to has some brown trout and rainbow trout as well, I'm not too picky about which I catch as long as I'm catching them. Plan was to drift small worms in the current on light gear, while wading the river. My backup plan was to use small spinners and lures in case the trout weren't interested in our offerings.

First spot we hit was an instant success, my buddy hooked up to a small brown trout within the first few casts. I moved further downstream and managed my first brown trout (ever) a few minutes later. We kept at it for another hour or so, caught about 6 small brown trout up to 8 inches.

We decided to move to another spot in hopes of catching bigger fish. Second spot proved better than the first one, and was more scenic as well. We managed another 8-10 brown trout, biggest one was a 13 incher landed by my buddy. The next few spots we hit weren't too exciting, a few small perch was all we managed.

The wading experience was interesting. The current was strong at time, and made the rocks seem even more slippery. I managed not to fall under close to the end of the day, when I tripped backwards over a rock and the current knocked me off balance. The waders held up well, and kept me very warm, as they are neoprene stocking foot chest waders. I'm glad I went with the stocking foot, as I'm able to turn them inside out to dry after going under.

Overall, I don't see what trout fishermen find exciting about catching fish that size, even on ultra light gear, except that trout taste good (we kept some for the table). Still, cleaning fish that size is a mess, and I'll probably have to fish rivers where the trout grow a lot bigger in order to really enjoy fishing for trout.

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