Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carp fishing with my kids

Took my 3 older sons for a 1/2 day outing, plan was to target carp and pike from the shore, as the winds were gusting at 40 KM/H.

Got to our spot at about 9:30, set up two lines baited with boilies mounted on hair rigs, and a 3rd line with a 4 inch minnow.

We got our first hit withing 1/2 hou, Levi landed his first carp. I realized that I forgot to bring along my net, so I got in the water to land it, as I was in my shorts anyway.

About 20 minutes later, the line goes again, I set into a mush bigger fish and hand Avi the line. He doing a good job until it heads for a spot where he was sure to lose it. I horsed it out of the spot for him, and managed to get it right near the shore. That's when it took a deep run along a sharp rocky ledge and snapped my 50 lb Power Pro. I estimated it's weight somewhere between 25-30 lbs, biggest carp I've hooked this season.

Seconds later, the pike line goes hard, Avi grabs the rod again. The fish starts taking drag, and I had a good hunch that it wasn't a pike or bass, as it was fighting like a carp. Turned out to be a smaller carp, in the 7-8 lb range. It's the second time I've caught carp on live minnows. On both occasions, the steel leaders I was using didn't seem to deter them.

Ari then missed his hookset on 2 consecutive runs about an hour apart, I think I might have retied the new hair rig with the lead too short. The fishing then died down, we left at 2:00 PM.

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