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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Great thanksgiving day fishing outing with the kids

My boys were off school for thanksgiving, I took 2 of them out for some pre-winter shore fishing. Nice sunny skies but a bit cold in the morning, I started them off on live worms. They caught tons of perch and bluegill sunfish, many doubleheaders.

As the afternoon warmed up, I switched them to casting crankbaits and Rapalas. They caught lots of small largemouth bass, with more doubleheader action.

Switched spots when the fishing died down, hoping to get into some bigger largies. The second spot proved even better than the first, but the bass weren't any bigger.

Both my sons aged 4 and 10 really enjoyed the outing, as the action was leterally non stop all day long. I'm sure they'll have some real fishing tales to tell at school tomorrow.


fishingloft said...

How long ago was this story written? Thanksgiving is a month and a half away, so it must be at least from way last year?

Freshwater Phil said...

Thanksgiving day in Canada was yesterday (October 11th).

fishingloft said...

My bad. Sounds like the boys had a blast.