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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Urban Montreal street fishing

With all the time I devote to fishing, I decided to get back to combining it with another pastime I love, riding my bike.

Last summer, my double suspension bike got stolen. That put an end to my urban street fishing / biking combo I was just getting used to. The bike I eventually replaced it with was a lot lighter, but had no suspension. I quickly found out that instead of being able to ride further, I was riding less and less. Finally sold it this summer, and replaced it with an ultra light double suspension model. So now I have the best of both, comfort and light weight. Should keep me motivated to get more urban fishing and biking done.

Enough about my bike. With a cool, sunny afternoon in the forecast, I headed to a spot I had scouted a few days earlier. Looked like a good pike/bass spot, so I started off throwing my favorite spinnerbait. Double Colorado gold hammered blades, about 1/2 oz with a white/chartreuse skirt. Ultra sharp hook I just finished resharpening this morning.

First cast, I get nice sized pike follow my lure all the way back, thick shoulders, a good 6-7 lbs. Couple casts later, same pike busts the surface just as I finish reeling. Another few casts, he comes back with a vicious attack. Grabbed my spinnerbait from the side and inhaled it. I set hard, it heads straight for the weeds. Cuts my line and steals my best spinnerbait!

First time I've ever had a pike steal my spinnerbait, despite the fact that I never bothered using leaders. Must have caught a good 20 pike on that lure, as well as hundreds of bass and a even bowfin a couple weeks ago. Oh well, I'll have to replace it.

Kept fishing, no more fish in sight for about 1 hour. Decided to head to another new spot. I get back on my bike, just to realize I popped my back tire. End of outing, I know have to figure out how to get back home. Luckily, I had my wallet in my backpack, so I had enough cash to catch a metro back home. Took my about 15-20 minutes to get to the closest station, went straight to the bike shop and got the flat fixed.

I was super glad my new spot paid off immediately, despite losing the nice pike and my best spinnerbait. I plan to head back there next week.

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