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Montreal fishing spots

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pre winter carp fishing

Well, it looks like I know myself by now. I though my previous carp outing was my last, with that possible "maybe one more" in the back of my mind. Despite a super busy work schedule, I made some time to head out to try some freezing water carping.

The weather was less than desirable, about 8 degrees, intermittent rain and high winds. Had the long johns, down coat, tuques, gloves a winter boots on to stay warm. Water temp must have been around 2 degrees, so I was surprised to see a few carp surfacing.

Rigged a few corn nibblets along with a popup corn on my hair rig, did some slight chumming so as not to overfeed them in the cold water. Took about 1.5 hours for my first hit. The line didn't peel off as it usually does in the summer, it just started moving slowly. As soon as I set, I knew the fish was a decent sized carp. It didn't fight too much, was kind of sluggish in the freezing water, but I didn't expect more from a carp in freezing water. Regardless, I was happy to land the nice 22 lbs carp, my record for latest carp caught in a season.

Though I doubt I'll go again before the winter, I won't say never...

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